Certificate of Professional Competence: Acceptable Qualifications or Diplomas

Certificate of Professional Competence & the process by which an individual obtains a Certificate of Professional Competence to demonstrate Professional Competence, in road transport operations management has been by examination. There are certain other qualifications that under certain conditions, are acceptable as proof of Professional Competence.

The organisations shown below, have made available to their members, certificates that are acceptable to demonstrate Professional Competence & in some cases, without the need of undergoing a Certificate of Professional Competence course & examination.

When such documents are present to demonstrate an individual is considered as “holding” Professional Competence, in relation to road transport management operations. Then the document is only acceptable, if is supported with a valid Certificate of Professional Competence exemption certificate, issued by the awarding organisation. It is recommended that if this method of demonstrating Professional Competence in the manner as described. Further information should be obtained from the awarding organisation concerned.

  • Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) in the UK.
  • The Institute of Road Transport Engineers (a constituent body in the Society of Operations Engineers).
  • The Movers’ Institute (formerly the Institute of the Furniture Warehousing and Removing Industry and now part of the British Association of Removers).
  • The Institute of Transport Administration.


Certificate of Professional Competence: Grandfather & Acquired Rights Certificates

Acquired Rights, or Grandfather Rights (GFR) certificates were for those individuals who were recognised as Transport Managers, before the introduction of the requirement to show Professional Competence, via the use of a Certificate of Professional Competence.

These Grandfather Rights (GFR) certificates were issued to those individuals who were a Transport Managers, & responsible road transport operation under an Operators’ Licence between the following dates 01/01/1975 to 30/11/1979.

Holders of Grandfather Rights GFR certificate, & were named on an Operator’s Licence on 4 December 2011 as the nominated Transport Manager, were automatically issue a new type of certificate know as Acquired Rights (AR) certificate.

For those holders of Grandfather Rights GFR certificate, but not named on Operator’s Licence as per the date shown above, were required to demonstrate that they had continuously managed a road transport operation(s) for a period of 10 years up to 04/12/2009. If this was the case they needed before the 04/12/2013, to obtain a new Acquired Rights Certificate, from the Office of the Traffic Commissioner, & thereby keeping their Professional Competence.

The Transport Manager Acquired Rights (AR) certificate remains valid as proof of Professional Competence for those who have been issue with one. But a Grandfather Rights (GFR) certificate is no longer valid proof of Professional Competence, after 04/12/2013.

Certificate of Professional Competence Related Services Offered by Oplas Transport Consultancy

Oplas Transport Consultancy offers a number of services & solutions, related to the Certificate of Professional Competence. Along with information for those individuals looking to obtain a Certificate of Professional Competence qualification. Please see below those services & if you wish for more information, you can by using the highlighted links. Which will take you to a dedicated page or website for that service & the solutions offered.

1: Those parties looking to engage the services of an individual who is the holder of a Certificate of Professional Competence To act as the nominated Transport Manager on the either their Standard Operators Licence application, or the current Standard Operators’ Licence. The conditions under which the Certificate of Professional Competence/CPC Holder will be engage, are to be those considered as being an External Transport Manager. Please use the link indicated, to our On-line CPC Holder Finder Service.

2: Parties(s) who are the holder of a Certificate of Professional Competence qualification & are interested in External Transport Management work. Along with willing to offering those skills, & services, in a sub-contract / self-employed manner. Which matches the current requirements, known as the 4/50 regulations & willing to registering their details on the Oplas Transport Consultancy database. So that they may consider offers from interested parties after being contact by said described parties, from their use of Oplas Transport Consultancy On-line CPC Holder Finder Service. Please use the link indicated, to our On-line CPC Holder Database Registration.

3: Parties who are Restricted Operator’s Licence Holders. How are looking for a professional advice from a holder of a Certificate of Professional Competence. On matters of Operator Licensing compliance. Please use the link indicated, to our dedicated Restricted Operator’s Licence Management Website.

4: You are after more information as a holder of a Certificate of Professional Competence. Acting as the nominated Transport Manager on a Standard Operators’ Licence. In such areas as the role, responsibilities, & regulations. Please use the link indicated.

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This Website and the information shown on it, has been produced as a basic guide, to show the relationship between a CPC Holder, & the Operator Licence Regime. Therefore, it cannot be considered as formal legal advice.