CPC Examination

Below you can find information about the CPC examination process.

Certificate of Professional Competence: Examination

Certificate of Professional Competence, or CPC examination, has no academic entry requirements, or any fixed rules in relation to the method of study for the examination. There are requirements in regards to the study syllabus, examination, & any certificate rewarded, must be considered suitable in demonstrating its holder as being professional competent. Also, the certificate is both a national, and international professional competence qualification, & is recognised as doing so by the Operator Licensing Regime.

Examinations specifically for the purpose of demonstrating professional competence are available from the Oxford, Cambridge and Royal Society of Arts (OCR) examinations board, & Chartered Institute of Logistics, (CILT(UK)). Other qualifications or diplomas, can be used for the demonstrating of professional competence, details of which are shown on this website. However ultimately it is the for the Operator Licensing Regime, to decided what certificate, diploma, or other methods, is an acceptable demonstration of professional competence.

Certificate of Professional Competence: Official examination syllabus

The examination syllabus must contain the following, main list of subjects. These subjects must also be in any examination for the obtaining of a Certificate of Professional Competence. This is as per the EU regulations (Regulation (EC) No 1071/2009

  • Commercial law
  • Social law
  • Fiscal law
  • Civil law
  • Business and financial management of the undertaking
  • Access to the market
  • Technical standards and technical aspects of operation
  • Road safety


This Basic Guide Has Been Produced, to Give Basic Guidance in relation to a Certificate of Professional Competence Regulations, in relation to the Operator Licensing Regime, & Therefore Cannot Be Considered as Formal Legal Advice.