CPC Definition

Certificate of Professional Competence in transport management or as it is more commonly known a CPC Cert. Is given to a person who though examination has shown that they can be considered to be professional competence in the managing of transport operations to the required level of compliance, as defined by the Operator Licensing Regime, & allows the holder to become the “nominated” transport manager on either a Standard National, or International Operator’s Licence.

The Certificate of Professional Competence qualification, once gained, is valid indefinitely, & there is no statutory requirement for any periodic refresher training. However, it is viewed by the regulatory, & enforcement bodies, that a holder of a Certificate of Professional Competence, or CPC Holder, has an obligation to keep current with all changes in regulations effecting transport operations, that he/she may oversee.

This view was further endorsed when at a public enquiry in September 2018, the North East Traffic Commissioner disqualified a negligent transport manager whose attendance was required, as part of the Public Inquiry. He was asked, if he had done any further training since qualifying, & obtaining the Certificate of Professional Competence in 1990. He admitted that he had not undertaken any further training from the date he passed the Certificate of Professional Competence, or CPC examination.

This Basic Guide Has Been Produced, to Give Basic Guidance in relation to a Certificate of Professional Competence Regulations, in relation to the Operator Licensing Regime, & Therefore Cannot Be Considered as Formal Legal Advice